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Talofa and Welcome!  My name is Mele Fiaui and I am a wife, mother, and previously, an English teacher and professor for 16 years. 


Getting a tattoo on your face is a BIG DEAL and I understand you may feel nervous or apprehensive.  I am a certified and licensed permanent cosmetic tattoo artist as well as a licensed tattoo artist in Hawaii and Utah.  I am certified and have completed coursework in proper sterilization and blood-borne pathogens (such as Hepatitis A and HIV) and meet OSHA and CDC requirements. I am certified in Microblading and am trained in color theory and correction, brow mapping, and brow shaping.  I received training in Advanced Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas, Nevada where I was certified in Permanent Lip Blush, Eyeliner, and Ombre Powder Brows.  I have also received certification in freckles and they are among my most popular new services!  I am always improving my knowledge of technique, pigments and needles, color theory, and additional services and regularly take in-person and online trainings with PMU masters from around the world.  I am also trained and certified in Li-FT Saline Removal which means that I can safely remove undesired shapes or colors in brows, eyeliner or lips, but I can also removal small body tattoos.  I have clients of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities and am comfortable working with younger and more mature skin in a variety of shades and colors.  

I am confident in my skill and am passionate about what I do.  I use the highest quality pigments and single-use tools.  As a former teacher, I am patient, detail-oriented, and happy to explain and answer any questions you may have.   Please send me a message so we can chat!

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