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Lip Blush

Want soft, luscious, youthful-looking lips?  Lip blush is a subtle way to enhance the beauty of your natural lip color, improve the shape of your lips, and give them definition and the illusion of fullness.  Cover blemishes or irregularities in lip color and tone with pinks, corals, and nudes that compliment your natural skin tone.


Lip Blush


This procedure is completed in two sessions with second session following 6-10 weeks after initial session. 


After lips are done, the immediate look is not the final color end result.  Lips appear much brighter and vibrant than healed results will be. You can expect lips to heal 50% lighter. The final result will be a beautiful enhancement of your natural lip color.

*If your lips are very pigmented or cool in color, it may take more than two appointments to reach your desired color.  Additional appointments would be considered "Touch-Up" pricing.


Healing takes 4-7 days, but varies from client to client depending on skin type. Swelling subsides in 24-48 hours. Bruising is minimal to none. 

Mandatory Touch-Up (second session)


This is the required second appointment for initial lip blush service and takes place 6-10 weeks after your appointment.  Considered the "perfecting appointment" this is when we refresh and deepen, brighten, or adjust the lip color, even out any imperfections in healing, and make any final adjustments to shape so that your lips are fantastic! 


If lips required neutralization in the initial appointment (due to a naturally cool lip color such as blue or purple) this is when we deposit the goal or target color.  *Touch-up appointments after 10 weeks will fall under "Yearly Color Boost" pricing. (1.5 hours)

Yearly Color Boost

$250/ $300

For returning clients with initial session done at PrettyInk Loft.  *Within 12-18 months of initial session $250/ within 19-24 months $300 (2 hours).   25+ months from initial session is a new full lip service.

If you wish to change lip color, there will be an additional Yearly Color Boost Extension fee because the appointment will be longer.



***Please allow 2-3 hours for this service & 1.5 hours for your follow up perfecting appointment.  All lip blush services include a full consultation, personalized lip measure & shape, initial first visit AND aftercare kit which includes a soap and healing balm that you'll use to ensure optimal healed results.  You will expect to get 2-5 years out of this service, or more.

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