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If eyes are the windows to our soul, then eyeliner surely must act like a beautiful window frame.  Eyeliner is used to emphasize the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid and accentuating the lash line.  Well-applied eyeliner can make the lashes look lush, draw attention to the eye, and enhance the eye's shape.  


Upper Lash-Line Eyeliner
The most natural form of eyeliner. Simple and elegant. This liner is taken throughout the lash line ONLY to make the eyes appear brighter. Achieves a gorgeous 'eyelash tint' look and gives a subtle shape to the eye.  
This service is completed in two sessions. 

Top Eyeliner

Thin line above the lash line with a slight taper. Apply mascara and you are ready to go!  
This service is completed in two sessions.  

Designer Eyeliner- Wedge, Wing, Soft-Edge, or Shaded

Starting at $450-$600

For the thick style enthusiast! Upper eyeliner design with a wedge, a wing, soft-edge, or shaded. This eyeliner is thicker than the lash liner tattoo as it is applied above the lash line for a more dramatic look. Apply mascara and you are ready to go!  This service is completed in two sessions.   Price varies based on thickness and complexity of the eyeliner.

Lower Eyeliner

$175 ($150 if also including upper eyeliner)

Thin line, defining the bottom lashes. This service is completed in two sessions. 

Mandatory Touch-Up (second session)

$100/ $150 if both top and bottom touch-up

This is the required second appointment for any initial eyeliner service and takes place 6-10 weeks after your appointment.  Considered the "perfecting appointment" this is when we refresh the color, adjust any imperfections in healing, and make any final modifications to your eyeliner  *Touch-up appointments after 12 weeks will fall under "Yearly Color Boost" pricing.

***Please allow 2-3 hours for this service & 1.5 hours for your follow up perfecting appointment.  All eyeliner creations include a full consultation, personalized eye measure & shape, initial first visit AND aftercare kit which includes a soap and healing balm that you'll use to ensure optimal healed results.  You will expect to get 5-7 years out of this treatment, or more.

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