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Freckles.  Some people love 'em and some people hate 'em.  If you love freckles, but don't have any, I can help.  Freckles give off a youthful, sun-kissed vibe without the sun damage!   They are fully customizable and can be placed on your face, neck, collarbone, and chest.  It can be a few or a smattering.  I have done round freckles, hearts, and have people's astrological constellations.

I am trained in freckles (yes, that's a thing!) and I can give you natural-looking freckles--not perfectly round, huge, and evenly spaced ones like found on a doll.  I use two colors of pigments and two needles sizes.  Freckles are placed using a hand tool and I always draw them on first before tattooing.  They are a low-risk way to change your look.  Due to the depth placement of the pigment, freckles will last 12-24 months before needing a touch up.  Of course, if you decide they're not for you, they'll just fade away. . .



Freckle pricing is based on the number of freckles that I place with a minimum charge of $100 for 10-15.  16-35 freckles are $250, 36-60 is $400.  Price will increase from there.  


Hearts are an add-on and are $20 each.

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